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Take your fitness routine on holiday.

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Hands up if you’ve ever packed your gym kit when you go on holiday, only for it to stay at the bottom of your suitcase once you’ve arrived. Let’s be honest: even with the best intentions, our fitness regimes sometimes get abandoned once we reach our holiday destination. But holidays are a great opportunity try something new when it comes to fitness.
No matter what kind of break you have planned, we’ve got you covered: Let’s go to the beach Swap your usual weekly Pilates class for beach yoga, core-crunching paddle boarding or even a simple morning run along the sand. It’ll work your muscles in new and varied ways—and you’re guaranteed an amazing view while you exercise! Move any mountain If your holiday destination is more rugged, try out mountain biking, horse-riding, Nordic walking or hiking as part of your holiday. Most resorts in mountainous areas are set up for these exhilarating activities and can provide essential equipment hire.

City slickers City breaks offer all kinds of opportunities for fitness. The easiest way is to set yourself a challenging step target per day and get out and about, exploring by foot. But you can also take the opportunity to try out local gyms and classes, hire a bike or plan some new and exciting running routes. Time to pack that gym kit!